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What People Says

Lucy Salas
Testimonial 1

So far the best cleaning company I have used. I am very picky when it comes to cleaning services but Magge's cleaning delivers 100%. When I enter my house I don't only smell clean.. I also see clean everywhere. Not a single spot was left out. I recommend her services to everyone who is looking for a detailed, responsible cleaning service.

Shankar Ramachandran
Testimonial 2

I was in a crunch with guests coming for the holidays. Magge's cleaning came to my rescue as the person who usually cleans for me was unavailable. Four smiling women arrived and bustled through my home with their magic wands and presto! - the house was cleaner than I had ever had it. They even wipes all the base boards, vacuumed under the couch. made the bed, wiped down everything in sight. I have had a number of cleaning services over the years and I would place Magge's at the very top of my list. Reliable, efficient, competent and , did I mention reliable?.

Faith Haleem
Testimonial 3

Our hardwoods went from dull to WOW thanks to Gissela's exceptional work. This company is very responsive, a pleasure to work with, and does great work.

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